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Working from Knoxville and Toronto, Joanna earned her BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of California, Berkeley with a focus on acting and script writing. Although classically trained in stage acting, she's always preferred the intimacy and aura of the recording studio to the stage. This has allowed her to focus on and refine voice as her singular acting tool. She has voiced a variety of work from TV commercials to mini documentaries for a collection of national and international clients including NBC, CBS, Golf Channel, Volvo, and The World Health Organization. Joanna thoroughly enjoys the challenge of widening her dynamic range of dialects, character voices, and poignant, emotive reads.


It took me some time to truly find my voice. I mean that in a physical and spiritual way.


The practical part came through my career path. I’ve always been the exuberantly expressive type although that flows through me in an ironically-introverted way. The ironic part being that even though I graduated from Cal Berkeley with a degree in Theatre & Performance Studies, I prefer to express myself away from the limelight.


This reluctance to perform publicly helped me realize how well suited I am to voice acting. 

The spiritual part: Seeing and doing what I love and do best. I never wanted to simply voice scripts. . . Instead, I wanted to inhabit them. Lots of new voice artists seem to think that VO is just reading aloud, but that's that's far from the truth. I think of voice acting as taking all the emotional fullness and intensity of the stage and screen, but stripping away the visual component so you're left with sound. Just voice fo convey the whole spectrum of emotions. That's what I love doing.


While I'm dedicated to bringing life and breath to scripts, I'm equally careful about cultivating and maintaining a strong stable of satisfied clients including The Golf ChannelThis is Distorted, (a London production house that hosts and produces Deadmau5’s podcasts), Adam & Eve, and Authorhouse.  Other work includes TV and Radio commercials, documentaries, eLearning, podcasts, and IVR for companies like Window World.


Here’s what you probably don't know. . .   

I do character voices, accents, and dialects. Years of voice work has helped me kick the door open to a fun, exciting, and enjoyable area of acting that I continue to discover. To date, I have recorded over 20 audiobooks in genres including Romance, Non-Fiction, Mystery, and Children's Literature.

Also, I don't just voice scripts, I write them for everything including print, broadcast, and web. 


I’ve also held various positions at some media companies you might recognize including Food Network and Citadel Broadcasting (now Cumulus). This has given me invaluable experience and insight from the other side of the mic. Most of the time, I can tell exactly what a client is looking for in a read, and I have a unique understanding of the translation process that happens when you go from developing a script to voicing one. 


Suffice it to say that, I'll bring you everything you expect from a script and maybe a few things that you don't, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Throughout my crazy adventures, I’ve managed to find my voice and I like to think I can help you find yours.



Joanna's ability to immerse herself into character, direction, and vibe is what sets her apart. You can almost picture her in the booth focusing on the read and jumping in and out of character with ultimate focus and professionalism. She is truly the upper echelon of voice over and voice acting artists.

Evan Lober, Founder & Producer, Squatch Media


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